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AzBox Premium HD+

AzBox Premium HD+

Introducing the AzBox Premium HD+ from FridgeFTA

FridgeFTA is proud to announce that we are an authorized AzBox dealer and are now offering the AzBox Premium HD+ STB.

With the Premium HD+ you get much more than a satellite receiver, you get an all in one home media machine. Share all of your movies, pictures, music and other downloads easily and wirelessly with the built in WiFi and Ethernet on the AzBox Premium HD+. No more rigging the laptop into the TV or watching that HD movie on a 17” screen. Point the Premium HD+ to it and play it right thru your TV. The Premium HD+ from FridgeFTA also includes a web browser, Youtube browser, built in FTP and more. This is truly as close as you can get to an all in one box without building and configuring a HTPC from the ground up yourself.

Key WiFi/Internet/Ethernet Features

Built in 802.11b/g ~ 10/100 Ethernet port ~ Internet browsing ~ Youtube player ~ Easy Network/Home Media Share ~ IPTV capable ~ RSS feeds ~ FTP client and server


With all of the connectivity options of the AzBox Premium HD+ it is easy to overlook the satellite functions. This unit simply does everything! DVB-S, DVB-S2, HD, MPEG4/H264, 4:2:2 and 4:2:2 HD and hardware blindscan. There simply isn’t a more capable satellite receiver out there for this price and even much higher. The Premium HD+ also comes with a very up to date and complete North American satellite list pre-installed. No need to add satellites and update names.

Key Satellite Features

DVB-S and S2 ~ HD ~ SD upconvert up to 1080p ~ Hardware Blindscan ~ 4:2:2 SD and HD ~ Supports the widest range of formats of any satellite set top box

PVR, Storage & Streaming

The AzBox Premium HD+ is also a PVR. Not simply a USB PVR either. An easy to remove cover on the top of the unit reveals a mount and interface for a SATA hard dish drive. Simply install and plug in a SATA hard disk and your AzBox has internal file storage for downloads and recordings. The AzBox also has a front and rear USB port for use with flash drives and USB HDD’s.

The Premium HD+ functions as both a video recorder and timeshift device with a HDD installed or plugged into USB. Record your favorite programs and pause/rewind live TV. With the AzBox you can easially share your recordings on your home network/LAN with other computers and advanced STBs. The Premium HD+ can even be configured to stream satellite to your LAN or for advanced users to a WAN or the internet.

FridgeFTA Exclusives

FridgeFTA has always been known for our extraordinary support and customer service. Our AzBox offering is no different. Some people say the AzBox is hard to use and learn. It can be without a basic guide and someone to answer your questions. FridgeFTA takes the learning curve out of the AzBox with our exclusive how-to video. No need to search forums, post or read the manual, simply follow our easy step by step instructions to access your private FTP and the video is there to download and play on your AzBox, showing you how to access and configure most everything on your AzBox. You will be up and running like a pro in no time flat. Have additional questions? Your FridgeFTA AzBox purchase comes with one on one private support should you need it.


Each FridgeFTA AzBox customer receives access to our AzBox FTP area that contains the latest firmware, exclusive FridgeFTA AzBox offerings, upgrades and guides. You simply download these directly from your AzBox or onto your computer. Don’t know what FTP is? Don’t worry, you receive a step by step guide explaining it all so you can set it up like a pro in minutes.

You also get your own private FTP site on our servers where you can upload and download your favorite videos and files right from your AzBox or computer.

Wildfeeds and FTA/Satellite News

Your FridgeFTA AzBox purchase includes access to our private RSS file, pre-configured to deliver the latest in FTA/Satellite news, and current satellite wildfeeds, right to your AzBox.


All AzBox Premium HD+ from FridgeFTA carry a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty from OpenSat, with a USA service center.


OpenSat, the Portuguese manufacturer of the AzBox, supports the North American True FTA community and is constantly improving and releasing new firmware for the AzBox. There will be new and exciting upgrades and improvements in the future as this STB is very well supported. Your purchase from FridgeFTA assures you will know of these updates, and you will always have access to our private developments as well.

Not sure if the AzBox is right for you?

Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and how they match up to the AzBox Premium HD+. Unlike many competitors, we will not sell you something you do not need or cannot use, and we won’t leave you “hanging”.

Public Resources

Forum Review ~ Factory ManualHow to setup & use FridgeFTA private AZ FTP ~ Upgrade firmware VIA private FTP ~ How to stream live tv from the AZ ~ AZBOX “NEWBIE” GUIDE ~ “NEWBIE” GUIDE ADDITIONAL FAQ ~ EZ AZ VIDEO PT 1: CONFIGURATION ~ EZ AZ VIDEO PT 2: OPERATION ~ AZbox Forum Area


Available for online ordering in the continental USA, PR and CANADA. Contact us for other locations.

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