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C-band Scalar Kits and Packages

All new C-band packages & pricing! From the basic scalar kit all the way to complete C/Ku packages including the dish, FridgeFTA has it all!

C-band on the small dish pictures

Get everything you need in one place and save with scalar/LNB combo packages. Scalar kit includes conical scalar, hardware and bracket. The bracket is designed for the HOTDISH90 but fits many other dishes such as the Digiwave 1 meter. Scalar kit/LNB combo options include the best C & C/Ku LNBs on the market from DMS International.  Choose from the single output BSC421, the new twin output BSC422 or the C/Ku BSC621-2D for 1.2m or larger dishes.

If you want to learn more about scalars and C-band on the small dish check out the Conical Scalars section in the FridgeFTA True FTA Forums. There is a step by step install guide, footprint maps and plenty of other great information to make you C-band experimenting a breeze.

Not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we have done this and run the project ourselves. We have plenty of resources to get you started, plus forum and private support to assist you. Links to C-band project resources and FridgeFTA’s exclusive step by step instructional video are below.

C-band on the small dish requirements


The closer to a true 1 meter dish the better. Some examples of dishes that work are the Digiwave 1 meter (90x99cm version only), HOTDISH90 (recommended USA), Fortec 120cm, and the Digiwave 1.2m (recommended CANADA.)

For setups smaller than 1.2 meter we highly recommend doing C-band on a separate dish from Ku. We do not recommend using a STOCK combo C/Ku LNB on a 1 meter size dish as it is too inefficient.

DMS C-band conical scalar kit from FridgeFTA

Click for larger image.

Scalar Ring & Bracket

All kits from FridgeFTA include a genuine DMS International Scalar kit. Included is the scalar ring, hardware and the C-band bracket. It will bolt right up to many dishes without modification.

C-band project LNB's from FridgeFTA


The LNB along with the dish is the most important part of the project. Every quality point counts when doing the C-band project. Cheap knock off LNBs may look the same but lack the stability and sensitivity necessary to get the maximum channels and feeds on a small dish. FridgeFTA only offers you the same LNBs we run on the project – authentic DMS International.

BSC422 – The best twin output C-band LNB is now available in North America. DMS has offered this LNB in other parts of the world, now you can have it in the USA/CANADA. Realistic specifications, high quality and stability set this LNB apart on weak feeds. Choose the BSC422 for your package if you wish to hook 2 or more receivers to C-band. Realistic 13k noise figure, 65dB gain.

BSC421 – FridgeFTA’s original offering and the most popular LNB for this project. Outperforms the knock off’s and look-alikes. This is the most cost effective option for the C-band project. Choose this LNB if only running one receiver. Realistic 13k noise figure, 65dB gain.

BSC621-2D – The best C/Ku LNB on the market. No built in switching for maximum versatility and configuration options. We do include a free DiseqC switch if you choose to use it. Universal 0.3db NF Ku section. Realistic 13k NF, 65dB C-band gain. Note: We only recommend this LNB for 1.2m or larger dishes. Realistic 13k noise figure, 65dB gain.

Note on LNB Specifications

You may notice that some LNBs that look like DMS products seem to have higher gains. Realistically this is not so. DMS LNBs are rated realistically rather than maximum under ideal and unrealistic conditions. Some other LNBs will advertise with the maximum numbers to impress you but will not deliver.  With a DMS LNB from FridgeFTA you will get the most performance for your C-band project.


Unlike many others, FridgeFTA runs this project ourselves. We are constantly developing new ways of doing it and adding tips & tricks on a regular basis. FridgeFTA has exclusive resources for you that cannot be found anywhere else. When you purchase your C-band kit from FridgeFTA you get full support by telephone & email, a dedicated forum section, and plenty of knowledgeable staff and members to assist you.

Step by step instructional video, a FridgeFTA exclusive

C-band project area at FridgeFTA

Step by step instructions/photos

Private Support

Additional pictures

The C-band Kit and FridgeFTA Conical Scalar Sidecar Kit setup on a HOTDISH90. Click a thumbnail for larger image.

Scalar Kit/LNB combo ordering

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